WORKED PROBLEMS:  S O S – Help When You Need It  (the next best thing to a live tutor)

Science for Online Students is primarily a place for students to get help with working end-of-chapter science problems.  Given the number of different textbooks available for each subject, we will never reach the point that all textbooks will be represented.  So we will start with a best seller and work down from there.

What kind of help are we providing?  We provide video clips showing us working the actual end-of-chapter problems.  One problem from each chapter will be posted here and elsewhere as a free resource.  The rest of the problems will be available for a nominal fee — and we do mean nominal — affordable for any student with pocket money for a cup of coffee or a snack.

Which problems will be shown?  In trying to strike a balance between “helping” and doing your homework for you, we work the problems that do not have answers in the back of the book.  The expectation is that most of the assigned homework problems will come from those that do have answers, so what we provide will function as worked — and explained — examples.

WORKED PROBLEMS:  S O S – Help When You Need It  (the next best thing to a live tutor)

Why are we doing this?  When we were students ourselves, most of our questions came when there was no professor available to answer.  Now the internet is available to provide answers at all hours, 24/7.  Unfortunately, though, not all the material you find will be on point (your point), and answers you find online may not be trustworthy.  That is why our answers will be thoroughly explained as we work them out.  And if (when?) we do make a mistake, it will be corrected immediately after we are informed of the error.

We hope these resources are helpful to you—not just to help you complete assignments, but to help you learn the material by successfully working through the problems.

Ready to get started?  The actual help site is here:  WORKED PROBLEMS:  S O S – Help When You Need It.